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Upcoming Quente’Sential Branding Client appearances on the T’Marie Radio Show:

Upcoming Quente’Sential Branding Client appearances on the


T’Marie Radio Show: Monday, Wednesday and Fridays from 12p-2p

Listeners can check out the following interviews via the Tune In app or online on the IBNX Radio website. To interact with the guests, call in at 404-368-9282.

Check out the full listing of It’s T’Marie’s radio guests on the official show page.


Friday May 15 – 480 WORLDWIDE’s Tavares Wilson will guest star on the show.  The 480 Worldwide Brand was established in 2012 as business partners Tavares M. Wilson & Rodney Jackson made a decision to take their Film Production company and expand it into a multifaceted entertainment firm. 480 WORLDWIDE has evolved over time to become self-sustaining and self-motivated to achieve a level of success where opportunities can be provided and legacies can be built. Now, with 480 Films & the 480 Music Group the table was set and the machine was set in motion and has been building ever since. Wilson is the CEO and Owner of 480 Worldwide. Mr. Wilson started his journey in 2006 when he first formed his company focusing initially on films. In 2012, a bold decision was made to rebrand the company into what would become 480 Worldwide. After establishing a lane for his creative vision to flourish, Mr. Wilson was able to branch off and establish himself as an actor and writer. He continues to focus on his craft after being recognized as the 2014-15 ATL’s Hottest Actor. From boardroom to the screen Mr. Wilson is beyond focused on taking the 480 brand to the next level.

Twitter: @iamtwilson

Instagram: iamtwilson

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Wednesday May 20 – Brothers Tied For Life’s Jeremiah Woods will be the guest star. Brothers Tied for Life has created the custom stitch that ties us all together and will take custom accessories to the next level.

Brothers Tied For Life, breathes new life into the traditional bow tie, and is focused on providing uniquely created bow ties, pocket squares, cuff-links, and women’s scarves. They also provide wardrobe consultation services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction & will do everything they can to exceed your expectations.

Founder, Jeremiah Woods’ goal is not just to simply sell bow ties, but it is to sell a product that is both stylish and an embodiment of artistic art form for customers to be able to express themselves on a whole new level. He aims to provide quality ties that customers personally have a hand in the making of. Each quality item is made with four goals in mind: stay fresh, let creativity flow, use quality materials, and serve the customer with a smile.

To purchase your Brothers Tied For Life custom accessories visit @BrotherTiedForLife


Friday May 22 – Anganik’s Cuisine’s Chef Tee will be featured on the show. Anganik’s Cuisine is a catering and private chef service operating out of Atlanta, Ga. This company, founded by Tijuana Anganik, specializes in creating a memorable personalized experience with menus that cater to every occasion. Anganik’s believes that no job is too big or too small, each event is just as important to her as it is to the clients. “I create food that feeds the soul. I do both savory and sweet,” says Anganik. Her love for making romantic dinners led her to the choice of becoming a personal chef.

Tijuana Anganik, known as Chef Tee, is a young female chef born and raised on the south side of Chicago. Chef Tee began cooking at age nine, learning how to make biscuits with her grandmother. “I have always had a love for food,” says Chef Tee. “It makes me happy.” She has been cooking professionally for almost five years after graduating from Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Arts college in 2012. Her motto is pleasing palates and that is exactly what she does. Whether she’s cooking for her family, or for her clientele, she aims to leave people wanting more. Her cooking can range from healthy dishes, to soul food, to kids cuisine. She draws inspiration from her children and enjoys experimenting in the kitchen. Her goal is for her food to reach the world. “I like to please people’s palates,” says Chef Tee. “I hope everyone can taste my food.”



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Wednesday May 27 – BE Magazine’s Jason Dinsmore, editor-in-chief, will appear on the show. BE Magazine is based in Atlanta, GA and specializes in fresh features, hot videos, style tips, and the BEst new music. BE covers everything entertainment. Whether it’s music, fashion, politics, or current news and events, BE Magazine will be at the forefront of it all,  giving our audience a fair and exclusive access into the world of entertainment.  This is BEcause we are more than your average magazine; we are the evolution of entertainment itself!


Friday May 29 – Jacquie Green will be promoting her music. Jacquie Green released her newest single “God Looks Good On me” in March. Jacquie grew up in a small town in Arkansas but is making a big buzz in the music scene with her contemporary Gospel sounds with an R&B twist. She not only sings, but also works as a choral lyricist. Jacquie hopes to reach a wide audience with her unique sounds and devotion to the word of God.


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