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Tin Drum Asiacafe’


Imagine it…. You on your way to what you have heard is an amazing restaurant with great food and all of a sudden….RAIN. Not sprinkles, but a big storm. We trek our way through the elements and finally, we arrive at our destination. Tin Drum AsiaCafe. Waiting on us, was a group of amazing people and a staff that was ready to give us the BEst that they had. Soon after our arrival, we were treated to the Crab N Cheese Spring Rolls, “Panko” which is the Crispy Shrimp taco, which i will admit surprised me with the flavor of the cumcumBEr wasabi sauce, but was amazing none the less.

Going into the main dishes of the evening, we had the opportunity to try the Mango stir fry. This sweet & spicy dish packed a punch with crispy chicken, mango, onion, bell pepper, basil and jalapenos. Next we had the Tin Drum Curry, which we were told was a  favorite among the patrons . creamy chili-garlic coconut curry over crispy tempura chicken and fresh baby spinach, sprinkled with roasted almonds. The crowd pleaser of the evening seemed to have BEen the crab and cheese rolls. All of the food left a good impression and we certainly suggest going to try it for yourself.

If your ever in the neighborhood, don’t hesitate to stop by and grab some of this flavorful food.!!!!

Tin Drum AsiaCafe 88 5th Street NW Atlanta, GA 30308

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