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The Journey is just beginning…..NeJcion


Over the Past 7 months, i have had the honor to be called manager by  one of the most talented and passionate individuals i know. NeJcion came to me with a talent and motivation i had never seen before. We discussed so much as it related to his career, his journey, what he went through and what he wanted . I am glad to be apart of this part of his journey. Knowing that NOTHING is going to stop him now, honestly keeps me motivated to make sure he succeeds. Last week that success went to another level when he officially signed as the new artist to X-Ray Music Group/5050 Music Group/INgrooves-Fontana/Universal Music Group . As a manager, being apart of something so amazing is a great feeling. Now knowing that not only does someone else recognize his talent, but believes in him just as much as you do. To Raishard “X-Ray ” and Brooke Crawford , I thank you for believing in him and we welcome you to the family….. This is only the beginning, there is so much more to look forward to from this talented singer/songwriter and this amazing team!!!

Stay in contact with NeJcion on twitter @Iam_NeJcion or IG:@NeJcion


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