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The Flair of Mar Coastal

A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of spending the evening sampling several dishes at the amazing Mar Coastal Restaurant located in Decatur Georgia.From the moment you walk through the doors a sense of calmness surrounds you. We were greeted right away by Michelle  the owner of Mar coastal. She seated us right at the bar where we were given the chance to indulge in some of their most popular drinks on the menu as we celebrated National Tequila Day. Although my favorite is their sangria I must say I was surprisingly finding myself in love with their drink that they affectionately call the “el diablo”. This powerful drink is made with their house made tequila which is infused with a variety of hot peppers. To top it off this drink is served with a slice of jalapeno in the center and cayenne pepper on the rim

While conversing with other patrons Chef Joey Zalinka BEgan to bring out several mouth watering dishes for us to try. Everything from fried oysters, salmon ceviche and even avocado ceviche followed by.miniature tacos (tapas) of seafood, pork and beef.

Dessert was nothing shy of a surprise with the flavor combinations.  The cupcakes flavors included Chocolate mixed with Red Peppers, Mango with Jalepeno’s, Red Velvet with a hint of chile pepper….These are certainly flavors you have to try to understand. I have to confess it has been a few years since I have had Latin food with such depth of flavor and yet the ingredients themselves were treated so delicately.

Mar Coastal we welcome you with open arms; for you are just the addition Atlanta Georgia needs. Make sure you visit soon.

Story Written By Tonisha Jackson [IG/Twitter; @JaXonsPastries]

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