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S.E.E.N. Alliance Celebrating the Celebrity BEhind the Celebrity

S.E.E.N. Alliance held an amazing networking event last night at Chef Rob’s Upscale Caribbean Café & Upscale Lounge focusing on music, film, and choreography. The mixer was themed to celebrate the Celebrity behind the Celebrity. Host Kiwi The Beauty kept the crowd engaged during the discussion with the panelists consisting of music producers, film industry professionals, publicists, and choreographers. Each member gave inspirational advice that many took to heart. Romiah Armstrong blessed the stage with an incredible performance that had the crowd grooving to new school and old school favorites all evening.

Special guest included Ezysarel James (CEO of EonTV1) Kooture and Miranda of Sweet Shots cupcakes, Sharlinda Parker, Sabrina Rowe and Kahdiijah Rowe (Big Rich Atlanta, Tu la 2 Nails), the cast of The 4th Quarter and many more.

The night was enchanting and invigorating with the dialogue and performances. Looking forward to the next event hosted by S.E.E.N. Alliance!




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