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Quente’Sential Branding Hosts Imperial Kitchen Launch

This past week Chef Tiara Owens brought her dream to reality as she launched The Imperial Kitchen Catering Company {Superior Catering with the Royal Touch} during a Private VIP/Media Tasting. I.K. is  Nestled under “The Imperial”  which promotes living well and eating well. Chef Tiara had the opportunity to share this moment with a special group of people  at Atlanta’s Savor Wine Boutique. Each dish was carefully selected to show the diversity of Imperial Kitchen while Being paired with wine’s from across the world.

The Menu Included : Appetizers: Lemon Pepper Wings, Tuna and Smoked Salmon Pate, Caesar Salad Won-ton Bowls, Steak and Cheese Egg rolls, Spinach Dip, Buffalo Chicken Dip, Spicy Sausage Rotel Dip. Entrees: Mini Beef Wellington, Beef /Turkey Meatloaf with Mashed Potatoes and Gravy, Shrimp Scampi Alfredo Pasta with French Garlic Bread, Cajun Chicken Breast and Spinach Roll, Tomato with Orzo and Spinach, Macaroni and Cheese. Desserts: Banana Pudding cups and  Red Velvet cake . This was truly a mouthful, but guests enjoyed every bit of what was prepared and Chef Owens enjoyed people enjoying the food.

Guest included Erica Dixon (LHHATL) , Robin Dyke ( Mother Funders), T’Marie ( It’s T’Marie Radio Show) , Vince Ashton ( Singer/Songwriter) , Jacquie Green ( Singer/ Songwriter),  J.Write ( BE Magazine) and many more.

This event was powered by Quente’Sential Branding, BE Magazine, The Quintessential Gentleman, It’s T’Marie Radio Show and Voncel’s Reflection

To Learn More visit http://www.TheImperialBrand.com

Photo Credit: Voncels Reflection

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