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Quente’Sential Branding , @BEMagazine and More Feed the Homeless


Last Week Quente’Sential Branding had to the opportunity to give back with the Feed The Homeless. This was a special day for us due to the fact we were a major part of BE Magazine’s Annual Weekend and we had the chance to get out and give back to so many people. People often say if i don’t have a lot , how can i give? It’s simple, Just do it!!!! Although you may not be in the place you want to, remember your life could always be worse. There is always someone out there who wishes they had the problems you had because their are that much worse.

It was certainly a good feeling to see the smiles on the faces of those who feel like society has forgotten about them. We are here to let you know we HAVE NOT forgotten about you.This is not a one time thing. If your interested in volunteering or donating goods to the cause please contact me

Thanks so much to BE Magazine @BEMagazine, The Speak Tee @ImMrSpeak, Latsiha Robb @AmazinLRenee, The Social Circle @DaneSocial , Carter James @Carterjamesnet, Voncel’s Reflections @Icapture_Souls , Chrissy G @_1Chrissy  and all of the people and brands involved for all of your support.



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