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[NEW ISSUE] VH1’s Shekinah Jo Covers BE Magazine’s Winter Digital Issue | The Sexier She



VH1’s funny girl/Celebrity Hairstylist Shekinah Jo is on top of her game right now. She’s a true boss who works everyday to make sure her entire brand goes next level, all while still doing hair, which is what ultimately gave her the ignition for racing into our hearts. We’ve BEen watching Shekinah’s movement for quite some time & knew she’d BE perfect for the #BEtreatment!

Check out Shekinah Jo’s Cover Story http://bemagazine.me/2015/01/21/cover-story-the-sexier-shekinah-jo/ and hear the hairstylist gone reality star dish on everything from BEing a VH1 fan favorite, & embracing her sexy, to her blatant love for her African American race.

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Shekinah on BEing a VH1 Fan Favorite: 

“It’s cute. I’m thankful that I was able to come into people’s home & people love me. You have some people out here that hate you, but you also have people that love you & that care & you were able to get into their hearts; I’m thankful for that. People can always confuse me as just this ghetto girl, & yeah I do speak very fast & yes I do cuss, & yes sometimes, or a lot of times, I speak in Ebonics, & I gotta work on that, but it is what it is. I’m just thankful.”

Shekinah on Embracing Her Sexy: 

“I’m not all the way sexy to me. I do have a big butt, and I know I’m a little plump, but I just play with it for the thick girls to let them know you’ve gotta BE happy within yourself. I like to play with my thickness & wear 1/2 shirts & do sexy stuff like that BEcause we can.”

Shekinah on Blacks Loving Blacks: 

“Who’s gonna BE the next Oprah? Who’s gonna BE the next president on our side? We need that. Who’s gonna BE the next Jesse Jackson? Who’s gon’ BE the next Martin Luther King? I just hope we can come together this year as Black people & love each other & stop the hate and kicking each other down, and actually start lifting each other up…”

[Photographer: Rocquez Fluellen | Styling: Shun Melson | Hair: Kenya Styles | Makeup: Javetta White | Shoot Location: Samplistas BEauty Boutique]


Lesroy Louard – @LesroyLouard http://bemagazine.me/2015/01/21/bescene-lesroy-louard-culturally-equipped/

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