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My Inspiration……A Journey to Indian Rocks Beach,Fl

People often say you find you inspiration in the least likely of places. I found that to be true on the evening of July 15,2013. After months of working on continuing to build and perfect my brand, it was time for a vacation. Although it was last minute, i took the opportunity when it came to me.” Hello Indian Rocks Beach, FL (Located 30 miles outside of Tampa)”. Walking down the beach i had the opportunity to clear my head and think about a lot that had been going on . Constantly being surrounded by people of many different backgrounds and passion, often made me want to learn more. I finally had my chance to learn about photography from a person whose work i had admired for years ; it was exciting. Now realizing what it’s like to capture a moment in life that may never come again, was simple amazing. Things as simple as sea shells was a moment to be captured. I think i may have to invest in me a REAL professional camera. I have officially gained a new respect for photographers AND I found a new hobby.

Thanks to all of the photographers out there. Thanks for your passion and your purpose


photo (11)

photo (12)

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