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Jacquie Green’s “Superman” Fathers Day Giveaway

Jacquie Green is preparing for the Father’s Day Giveaway!! Please READ! Looking for all of the  SuperMen, PapaBears and Super Dads that are  not only super in their own special way but  go above and beyond to the normal call of duty! Do you know someone? Tag him on Jacquie’s social media (@IamJacquieGreen) and tell us his story.  Jacquie wants to do something special just for him. Team JG  will help her choose 5 SUPERMEN to be awarded with an ipad mini 2 or $150 Visa Gift Card.

Follow The Team @IamJacquieGreen @Officiallychristal.y @Jpdesignsart @QuenteSentialBranding @BEMagazine

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