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Eli Liberty Releases Buzz Single "Last Night"

R & Pop Artist Eli Liberty has just released “Last Night”, the new buzz single to kick off this summer season. Here is what Eli had to say “Last Night is the mood you go through after you have a good ol’ night with someone you’re into. You know you’re the one that they call when they want to have a good time, and it never gets boring for either of y’all. It doesn’t even just deal with sex however, y’all could just Netflix and Chill, listen to songs you both like, play some video games. It’s just all about the experience of the night itself, and whatever happened last night got both of y’all right! I want people to feel like they can ride to it, they can play this anytime they have a good night whether it’s with their friends or bae or anything I want people to feel good listening to it and really vibe and create their own meanings behind it.”

Listen Here

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