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[Client News]: You Can and You Will – Quente’Sential Branding welcomes Author /Motivatio


Quente’Sential Branding welcomes Author /Motivational Speaker Latisha Taylor and JJT/YCYW Publishing LLC

Best selling author and Motivational speaker Latisha Taylor is still on a successful release of  her self help book entitled ” From abuse, To struggling, To who am I”,  inspired by her life . Latisha ‘s moto ” You can You will ”  is inspiring hundreds to believe in possibility since the beginning.

Latisha Launched JJT/YCYW publishing with the the intention  of  inspiring  women and young girls however, men and young boys can also be encouraged  to believe  that through struggle you can find your purpose.The  platform “You Can & You Will” ™ being the foundation  allow  lives to be changed in knowing you are never alone . Everyone goes through their own struggle but knowing that someone just like you made it through is  motivation to keep going ” You can and You will ” make it, let your story be the light that pushes you through just like Latisha Taylor  . Not only is she an Author, Motivational  speaker and business  owner, she is Mother, whose biggest fans and readers of her life are  be her Two boys . They have  been her light her purpose and Motivation to starting the JJT/YCYW publishing  LLC. Latisha is opening up and sharing her journey with Women and Men around the country. She is currently writing her second self help book due out in late 2016.

Check out You Can & You Will on YouTube

Purchase The Book and YCYW products today on sale @  JJTYCYW.COM!

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