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[Client News]Behind the Chakalate Factory …Meet the Pates

Behind the Chakalate…  Meet the Pates

Husband and Wife team Viondi and LaChaka Pate are redefining the term “Partnership” as they decided to embark on the Chakalate Factory Brand together. Meeting while working as RN’s They dated 3 years, in a long distance relationship. After dating, they got married and moved in together. This was the first time the couple had lived together since they began dating. Constantly inspiring one another and sharing ideas, they realized they could pull from past and present experiences in relationships and life, they decided it would be great to show other couples how to keep things going when they think the relationship has gotten boring. They started out with an online novelty business named “Chakalate Factory” based off the “Chaka” in Mrs. Pate’s real name. The website features hand-made Chakalate Factory soy candles with signature scents, Chakalate Factory Lingerie, and “Grown Folks” novelties. Eventually, they started hosting events with an old school feeling and the Pates stumbled onto something couples and singles alike needed. A safe, worry free and fun environment to be yourself. Coining the event “Second Saturdays”, this is a sure way for the Pates to carve their name in the history books.  With this business, they hope to help couples married and unmarried with the everyday issues that most couples struggle with, the major one being  intimacy.

Understanding that being married can be hard, Mr. and Mrs. Pate felt the importance of keeping things interesting between a couple. Already helping others like themselves  spice up not only their  intimate life, they are showing couples how to lay foundations for productive relationships. ”

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