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[Client News] Anganik’s Cuisine’s Chef Tee joins The Playing the Game Tour!

[Friday June 12, 2015],

Chef Tee of Anganik’s Cuisine will join Chef Tregaye and friends on  the “Playing the Game Tour” at Atlanta’s Genesis House!

The mission for the tour is to inspire the youth all over the world to be true to themselves. The tour hopes to offer the testimony of our leaders in an effort to show how they persisted through different struggles to pave a new way.

The Playing the Game Tour is inspired by amazing celebrity chefs from all over America. These chefs all have made it through life’s adversities by being themselves sticking to their goals, not letting anyone or anything discourage them. Featured on the panel is founder Celebrity Chef and Food Network alumni Chef Tregaye Frasier, ,Chef Baul, Chef Aleem, Anganik’s Cuisine’s Chef Tee, and Celebrity Chef and Food Network alumni Chef Ponder. Together these chefs will help inspire the world to reach for their dreams. The art of food strikes passion in these chefs, and the desire to see people grow and overcome their struggles is what brings them together.

The Playing the Game Tour is a very unique event. These chefs will travel from school to school, college to college, to send one message: “BElieve in yourself”. They will encourage the youth to BE themselves and demonstrate that hard work and perseverance does pay off. This message will BE displayed with cafeteria takeovers and motivational speaking about how to play the game called life.

Anganik’s Cuisine is a catering and private chef service operating out of Atlanta, Ga. This company, founded by Tijuana Anganik, specializes in creating a memorable personalized experience with menus that cater to every occasion. “I create food that feeds the soul. I do both savory and sweet,” says Anganik.


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