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[Client News] Anganik’s Cuisine joins Chef Treygaye & More to “Play the Game

This past weekend, some of Atlanta’s favorite rising chefs came together in what will BE the first of many day’s of giving back to the community with the Playing the Game Tour. Chef Tregaye(Food Network), Chef Tee ( Anganik’s Cuisine) ,Chef Aleem ( 2 Chainz Personal Chef), Chef Mike Valli, Chef Dre and Chef Baul all joined together with Valerie Knight of The Epiphany Collection to provide the ladies of “The Genesis Shelter Women’s Transitional house with an evening of class. The ladies were served a 3 course gourmet dinner that included oven roasted chicken with a mushroom cream sauce, homestyle Mashed Potatoes, sauteed spinach and New York Style StrawBErry Cheesecake. Entertainment during the event was provided by legendary singer Tony Terry and up and comer Franc West who serenaded the women over the 2 hour dinner. The Mission of Playing the Game Tour is to ” To inspire the youth all over the world to BE true to themselves. To offer the testimony of our leaders in an effort to show how they persisted through struggle to pave a new way”

Playing the game tour was inspired  BY amazing chefs from across the USA..These chefs all have made it through life’s adversities by BEing themselves sticking to their goals and not letting anyone or anything discourage them from their path.Together they will help change the world.The playing the game tour will travel from school to school college to college to send one message ; BElieve in yourself be yourself and you will make it .This message will BE made clear in such an amazing way from cafeteria take overs to motivational speaking .  

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