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[Client News] 480 Worldwide Introduces 480TV


On June 20th, 2015, 480 Worldwide is excited to announce the launch its new viewing platform 480TV. This will feature original 480 Films content as well as content from other independent filmmaker brands. Follow the 480 Worldwide brand on its social media networks for more announcements over the coming weeks.

480 Worldwide is a media distribution firm that specializes in film and music and Television. The firm has previously launched it’s own film production company, 480 Films. 480 Films is one of the newest studios in Atlanta and is rapidly growing. The studio is a state of the art 24 hour facility that is sure to meet all filming needs. Atlanta’s film making industry is expanding rapidly and 480 Films provides a spectacular place for growth. 480 Films prides itself with providing quality service. Additional logistic services are also available that include locations, set design, and props. 480 Films really encompasses everything and has produced films such as Awake, Behind The Last Door, and Where Angel’s Walk.

You can find out more information about 480 Films and the new 480TV on their website and social media.


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