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Client : Meet Romiah Armstrong

Romiah Armstrong

Singer, Songwriter, Instrumentalist, Author

SIR Magazine touts that Romiah Armstrong is, “One of Atlanta’s best kept secrets”.  This remarkable Florida born singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist will be adding to that list of accomplishments the title author as his first book, “Unseen Royalty,” is slated to be released in December of 2014.  He is redefining the word “Artist”.  He is undeniably the brightest rising star blowing up the Atlanta music scene today.  Through his unique blend; infusing Neo-Soul, R&B with Rock.  Romiah Armstrong has garnered the attention of the music industry and soul enthusiast worldwide with an ever expanding fan base of music lovers from Atlanta, Georgia to Sao Paulo, Brazil, Japan and Africa.  Romiah’s carefully crafted stage presence has consumed some of Atlanta’s most well-known venues and events, including the legendary Apache Cafe’ open mic, where his driving rhythm and captivating vocals provide a bigger than life stage presence leaving audiences screaming for more.

Possessing the vocals of a modern day Smokey Robinson, the rhythmic styling of the Stylistics and the lyrical skills of Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds.  Romiah Armstrong’s hard work is paying off as he carves his permanent place amongst the industry elite.  His songwriting ability has earned the respect of many industry veterans, including singer/songwriter Montell Jordan and two-time Grammy Award Winner Eshe of the ground-breaking group Arrested Development as his music is being featured in movie soundtracks.

Never the type to wait for things to happen, Romiah has been proactive, spending countless hours in the studio preparing his debut album, entitled “Upright Soul,” paying homage to the values Romiah has built his life and career foundation upon.  Amongst his uniquely crafted repertoire is “The Rose,” a brilliant example of his extensive vocal range, songwriting ability and instrumental skills.  Most recently Romiah recorded “Vintage Love,” along with songstress Eshe of Arrested Development.  Romiah wrote, composed and recorded the infectious “Vintage Love,” set to be released on his upcoming album. “Vintage Love” is the epitome of what soul music has been missing.  With all of the work and effort this independent artist has placed in his craft, there is nowhere to go but up for Romiah Armstrong. He is a true talent and exactly what the industry needs, real life music with his newest, must experience musical project “100% No Chaser” expected to release in the summer of 2014.

Twitter/Instagram @RomiahArmstrong


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Best Youtube Links:

Live at Fergs Lounge

Live at Redlight cafe

In the studio with 2xGrammy Winner Eshe of Arrested Development. Making the hit single “Vintage Love”

Smokey Robinson “Cuisin”

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