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Behind the Clippers, Meet Will Da Barber

When you think of a city as big as Atlanta, you think of the many opportunities it has and so many people constantly relocating in order to  take advantage of those opportunities  . Barbering is one of the major  “hustles” ATL has to offer and Will Lawrence, BEtter known as “WILL da BarBEr” didn’t waste any time making a name for himself. The BE Magazine team got the opportunity to experience someone who we consider The truth when it comes to cutting hair. You can feel and see the passion and respect he has for  the craft as well as the clippers with every cut he does.

“BarBEring is not just my job, it’s my gift, that was given by GOD”. Will says . My goal is always to give the customer my BEst whether it;s a simple fade, mohawk or designed haircut . I want ever customer to BE satisfied and return so i can continue to do what i love so much”.


WilldaBarBEr presents Celebrity Images BarBEring . Book you appointment today – 6784641953

View More of his work on instagram @WillDaBarBEr86

You can also view Will at work


Pictures Courtesy of Darius Voncel Marshall [ @Icapture_Souls ]

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