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An Expeience like none other – Tantra Restaurant and Bar


I Recently got the opportunity to sample the new summer menu from Tantra Restaurant and Bar. I must say this was certainly an experience to remember. The Cuisine is authentic Persian and Indian influence which means the food comes with a LOT of flavor.

We got the opportunity to pick the brain and taste pallet of Executive Chef Terr Dwyer and he was more than accommodating. Explaining in depth some of the dished we were sampling over the course of the evening and soothing our minds while trying something that was extremely new to us.


To start off we enjoyed  Hummus wit Sauteed Lamb, followed by the Mussels in a Roasted Pepper Broth. Round 2 included  Jalapeno, Squash and Cilantro Spring rolls with a Cilantro yogurt sauce which added the kick of the night.. or so i thought until we tried the  Ostrich Heart on Pita Bead (similar in texture to Ceviche ). Completing the appetizer portion we had Oysters topped with a cilantro chutney , pink peppercorn mignonette and wasabi ponzu and finally Short Smoked Salmon Pappadum Tacos with mixed herbs ,mint ,pickled green mango.


To accompany the appetizers, we had the chance to sip and sample their signature cocktails which were booming with flavor.  Some of my favorites included the Watermelon Cocktail, which was garnished with fresh watermelon and The Tantra Karma ( Tequila, Cilantro, Jalapeno, Nectar & Lime Juice) ,Barcelona Passion (Bacardi Limón, Ty-Ku Soju, passion fruit, pomegranate, blood orange)  and a surprise cocktail which was NOT on the menu, but after popular demand i’m sure will soon BE added, the Kiwi cocktail .



The Focus of the evening was the Ostrich burger.  I will admit I hesitated to try it ,solely based off of the name but i couldn’t help but BE indulged. To celebrate the new friendships and connections and the fact we were all sharing in our first Ostrich experience, we countdown and all took our first bite as a family. The burger was  honestly a real treat.


To bring a pleasant experience to a pleasant end, we had a Tantra spin on a classic dessert. We had Kelsey’s Bourbon RootBEer Float with Tarragon Ice cream


Special Thanks to Chef Terry Dwyer, The Liz Lapidus PR firm’s Kate and Leigh, Atlanta Food Bloggers Society President Jason Apple and Tantra for an amazing experience.



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