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Inform,Inspire,Learn -This Weeks Events

Tuesday April 24,2018 from 7-10pm

Your favorite Radio Host, T'Marie is back with "The Conversation". This quarter's CONVERSATION is titled: The Dating GPS (Game Preparation Systems) Learning to Navigate to that Great Relationship.... Everyone's talking about how to maintain a relationship but who's showing you how to get there. T'Marie has brought together an amazing group on panelist who will share and inform. Stacii Jae, April Mason, Jarard H, Elam B King and Kelvin "K Chill" Harris Join this quarters "The Conversation".

Saturday April 28,2018 from Noon - 3 pm

The #ATLLunchandLearn, Atlanta's premier networking panel mixer, is back for its fourth year and it's bigger than ever! Returning bolder, brighter, and jam-packed with inspiration, the esteemed event will bring six industry experts together to inform and motivate starving entrepreneurs from various fields.

This year, #ATLLunchandLearn has spruced up its digital makeup and partnered with the Microsoft Store and true gatekeepers of the industry to ignite a teachable environment for students, of all ages, who are willing to learn. Powered by ATL Time 2 Shine, Quente'sential Branding, The Quintessential Gentleman and hosted by T'Marie, Host of It's T'Marie Radio Show, guests will be treated to a three part event, which includes: a Networking Mixer Brunch, Panel Discussion and Audience Q&A.

Sunday April 29,2018 from 2 -5 pm

What is a vision board? It’s creating a visual representation of what you envision for your life. It allows you to define and clarify your aspirations, reinforce them and keep your intentions focused. You can put anything on the board: where you want to travel, your career path, the type of home or car you want, do you want children, a family… Whatever you want in this lifetime. And once you create yours, it’s there to keep you inspired and motivated to move forward in life. Bring your vision to life! It’s not enough to just create the board. You need to change your routine and surround yourself with your vision. So take a picture of it and put it as your screensaver, on your phone, somewhere in your bedroom or bathroom where you see it daily. Look at it every day as part of your daily affirmations. No matter what happens during the day, a vision board is a constant reminder of where you intend to be. And whenever you’re faced with a difficult decision, look at your vision board. The right choice will be easier to determine when you look at it through the lens of figuring out what will get you closer to you dreams.

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