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Crem De La Crem Release "Pleasure"

Taking a few years off to live life and focus on solo endeavors, The Trio that you love to love has come back stronger than ever with a new vision and best of all, new music!!! Coming off of the Excitement of "The Crem Experience" , Crem has released th new video for "Pleasure". Check out what the group had to say.

Sasha: “I feel like it’s a bit risque, knowing our usual. But at the same time we wanted to give the audience something out of our norm. Which made it a lot of fun!”

Southern Yankee: “Musically it’s something that I’ve always wanted to deliver. People want to feel sexy sometimes and our lyrics lead them to that mindset, no matter who you are. Visually it was new to me because I’m use to keeping my intimate life private. But I had more fun than I imagined.”

Jsalmz: The song Pleasure is a reminder of what grown and sexy feels like. It creates a seductive vibe through stimulation. Visually, Pleasure was exciting yet very nerve racking due to it being our first time back on camera in 2 years. The video (to me) is to appear a bit confusing with the story-line , but will make more sense as the time progresses. So I am excited about the entire story getting told. It will all make sense come 2018...

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